Arlene: Hi there! Let’s start the ball rolling here. When you were a young army wife, what was your greatest challenge?

Meg: Hi Arlene! Oh wow, this is such a great website. Thanks a lot for starting this for army wives like us.

With regard to your question, hmm, let me think. Well, I guess my greatest challenge when we were newly married was staying inside the army base. I came from New York and have lived there all my life. So when we moved to the army base, well you can just imagine my culture shock. But then, everyone was super friendly. So I was quite happy with that.

Evelyn: Hi Meg and Arlene. I agree that this is indeed a wonderful website for all of us army wives. Thanks Arlene for your efforts.

When I was also newly married, I think I faced the greatest difficulty when my husband was first deployed. I was all alone and I was depressed. I grew up in a big family and I’ve never been away from my family members. So when my husband was first deployed, I was really quite sad. Fortunately, I was able to overcome this.

Leah: I am just a new army wife. My husband is now away for an assignment. I wonder if there are certain army wives’ groups that I can join? I’ll be happy to volunteer in various activities.

Arlene: Hi Leah. I like your attitude. Your can-do attitude will really be helpful as you wait for the time when your husband gets back from his duties.

Where exactly are you based? There are various activities that army wives are engaged in. In our base, we have some of our sisters helping out in the daycare centers, in the commissary, in creating sports programs for kids and more. Just check out with other army wives in your base.