About Me

Hello there! My name is Arlene. I have been married to my soldier husband for nearly 10 years.

I am well aware of the fact that there are lots of challenges that befall army wives. This is due to the long distance separation and the fear that is always at the back of our minds – that of continuously asking whether our husbands will still be getting back to us safe, healthy and alive at the end of their deployments.

This is the reason why I have put up this website. The goal is really to provide support and to gain support as well from army wives like me who are in the same predicament. I wanted to build this community where we can learn from and lean on each other, in both happy and difficult times. This is also a venue for “old” army wives like me to introduce “young” army wives to the happiness and challenges of being one.

I sincerely hope that you will learn a lot from this website. At the same time, I enjoin all of you to actively participate in this community. Remember that this is simply not a website that its run by me. We have a community of wives and mothers here whom you can talk to and engage through our forums.

Also, feel free to write up your experiences, pieces of advice, tips and suggestions and send them to them. This is because I want us to really learn from each other. Note though that of course, I will be editing your articles. But you will have your own bylines if you want to contribute some articles.

If you also want to get in touch with me personally, I will be happy to get emails from you. Just contact me!