Are you an army wife?

Are you an army wife? If yes, then we most likely share some of the usual joys and challenges of being an army wife. If you are not, well, I am sure we still have some things in common, as married women.

But anyway, whether you are an army wife or not, I welcome you to my website. Here, I am posting all my thoughts and activities as an army wife. The entire point really is to provide inspiration and engage with you on the things that a regular army wife like me experience on a regular basis.

For non-army wives out there, I just want you to understand my context. As an army wife, I am always left along with my kids on a regular basis, sometimes for days, weeks and even months at a time. I know that this is something that I share with non-army wives whose husbands have to work abroad or far away from the family. The main difference is the fear that is always there – on whether my husband will be able to get back home to me alive at the end of his deployments. This is the kind of fear that most army wives I am sure will empathize with me.

You see, I have never wanted to be an army wife. It is not something I planned. But of course, love is also not something that you plan right? You see, our love story is more of a love at first sight or at least a love at first sight on MY end. You see, he is a friend of my brother and I first saw Ted, my now husband, emerging from our custom garage door in Tucson. And lo and behold, I just felt that zing that I still feel even after several years of marriage and two beautiful girls.

Because I always feel depressed whenever he is away, I have decided to create this website for wives like me in the same predicament. Here I am featuring the following:

Blogs and Articles

I have here a collection of blogs that I have written and on which I invite you to contribute to as well. These are basically tips on how to combat loneliness and challenges of being an army wife. I strongly believe that we army wives have to stick together and compile all of our tips, suggestions and thoughts on how to go on with our lives even if our husbands are not around. We need to support each other in this respect, that is why I have compiled all of my thoughts in this particular tab.


I am hosting a forum in this website so that we can all interact with each other. Feel free to ask questions about anything that you would want to know. We have here a strong community of army wives who will be happy to help out. Note as well that I always do my best to respond to your concerns.

Tips in surviving a long distance relationship

It’s hard to be an army wife. That is definitely for sure. This is because you are in a long distance relationship with the added pressure of the fear that niggles at the back of your mind, on whether you have your husband safe, healthy, and alive at the end of his deployment. Here are just some of the tips I can share with you that have come from my experience:

  1. You have to cultivate patience.

It is very important to have patience. This will help you a lot in the long days and nights when your spouse is deployed. You need to have patience to be the main carer of your kids since your husband is away. At the same time, you also have to cultivate patience when staying at the base, when you are with other army wives, in the commissary etc.

  1. Know how to be independent.

It is important that you are able to think independently when you are an army wife. This is because you need to be able to make decisions for yourself, your children and the daily or regular things that you need to do. When your husband is away, you need to do things by yourself. So being able to think independently will help a lot in your everyday life, when you need to think and decide for yourself when your husband is away.

  1. You need to develop coping skills.

As an army wife, it is very important for you to know how to cope in the face of difficult situations. This is the best trait that every army wife should develop. The wife should be able to support her soldier husband because she is expected to serve as the bedrock of her family especially when her husband is away on assignment.